Why You Need to Add Camphor to Your Shopping Cart This Summer

Summers can be challenging as you have to constantly bear a sweaty odour, itchy skin and apply creams to prevent summer burns! The best solution is to get camphor products, like air fresheners, soaps and essential oils, which will make your life easier by keeping you energized and your home fresh. Moreover, since camphor has medicinal properties, it would keep any potential health risks away and make your summer healthy, harmless and happening. Here is why you need to add camphor to your shopping cart this summer:

Keeps mosquitoes at bay

Do you face a severe onslaught of mosquitoes every summer despite closing all your windows and doors early in the evening? Camphor is the best remedy for these irritating pests. Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide produced by our body, and when you burn camphor at home, the smell confuses the insects with their own odours. This keeps dangerous diseases like dengue and malaria away from you and ensures your safety.

Ensures freshness in rooms

The constant humidity can change the atmosphere of your house and make you more irritable. The best way to create a comfortable ambience at home is to use a camphor-based air freshener, which is fresh and full of fragrance. Its strong aroma has a calming effect on you, reducing stress, anxiety and irritability that the hot summers bring.

Acts as a medicine

The sweat on your body is a hotbed for bacteria. In summers, this gets worse and the added dry skin and itchy scalp can make you even more uncomfortable. With camphor oil or camphor-based soaps and hand washes, you can find a remedy to all of these issues. Camphor’s naturally antibacterial and curing properties can heal burn rashes and ease the itchy scalp or skin.

Completes your puja plate

Any ritual in the Hindu ceremony is incomplete without camphor. It is believed that camphor is closely associated with gods and goddesses, so its presence in a puja thaal is a medium to connect you with a higher power. Additionally, camphor tablets help remove all the negative energies around you and purify each corner of your home. It ensures your well-being and prosperity.

Using camphor is a new way to beat the heat. Although it is commonly seen in many households, mainly used for puja purposes, it is time you explore its other uses and reap the maximum benefits. Get all the camphor products from Mangalam Organics - we provide the best camphor for various purposes.

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