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Camphor Power Liquid Vaporiser

MRP Rs. 99
  • ORGANIC & NATURAL MOSQUITO REPELLENT: CamPure Power is made from Camphor (an extract of the pine tree) and is therefore an ORGANIC product, making it safe around children, pregnant women, older people and pets. Breathe easy knowing your family isn’t inhaling dangerous chemicals
  • 200+ HOURS OF CAMPHOR AIDED PROTECTION: Camphor is a "Class - A" mosquito repellent and has been found to have a longer effect as compared to other synthetic petrochemical based. The cartridge has a highly porous wick which ensures rapid release of the organic active ingredients which locate and eliminate hidden mosquitoes from the corners of your room
  • FITS ALL MACHINES: CamPure powder liquid vaporizer refill fits with most existing machines from different brands. Not compatible with Goodknight Gold Flash and GoodKnight Express - compatible with all others
  • INSTANT PROTECTION FROM MOSQUITO-BORNE DISEASES: With its 5 minutes activation time, CamPure Power keeps mosquitoes and insects at bay and protects you from Malaria, Chikingunya, Dengue
  • HEALTHY REPELLENT WITH CAMPHOR: CamPure Power does not have any harmful/cancer causing chemicals such as TFT, DEET, Kerosene and is therefore non toxic with no side effects. The fragrance of camphor has a calming effect on the mind and brings a good night's sleep

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Camphor Power Liquid Vaporiser

MRP Rs. 99