Uses and Benefits of Bhimseni Camphor

Of all the types of camphor you can buy right now, bhimseni kapoor is perhaps the most beneficial for your body and soul. What is bhimseni camphor, and why is it so beneficial? Let’s find out.

What is Bhimseni Camphor?

There’s a high chance you already know and use bhimseni kapoor, since it is known by many names, including pacha kapoor, nagi karpura, patri kapoor, and desi kapoor. But if you didn’t know, bhimseni camphor is natural, crystalline camphor derived from the tree of Cinnamomum camphora and pine. 

Bhimseni kapoor is quite different from regular camphor. For instance, bhimseni kapoor is edible in small quantities , and can safely be consumed by most people, except young children or pregnant women. Plus, bhimseni camphor comes in irregular shapes and sizes since it is entirely natural.

What are the Bhimseni Camphor Uses?

Bhimseni camphor is widely used across India for various reasons, and it is often a recommended medicine by most Ayurvedic practitioners to treat various conditions. Let’s take a look at the various benefits and uses of bhimseni camphor.

It Kills Microorganisms and Germs

Unlike adulterated camphor, bhimseni camphor, when burnt, releases a scent that kills many harmful germs and microorganisms in the vicinity. Hence, one of the best benefits of bhimseni kapoor is that you can purify your home with it. 

For the same reason, you can even use bhimseni camphor to handle insects in your home. The smell can be unbearable for insects like cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, etc., so burning a small piece of this camphor every night can help you get rid of various insects in your home.

It Treats Cold and Cough

One of the best bhimseni camphor uses is that it can treat your cold and cough. If you are suffering from a cold or cough, there are two ways you can use this camphor. One, crush some camphor and add it to boiling water, and take the steam for 10-15 min; the camphor steam will open up your nasal passages in no time.

Two, you can crush bhimseni camphor, mix it with essential oil, and apply it to your chest and head. The camphor will get absorbed into your skin and start working its magic. If you’ve been using vapour rubs to treat cold and cough, it's better to move to a more natural treatment with desi camphor.

Breathing Problems

Do you get breathless after climbing a flight of stairs? Don’t worry. One of the most effective bhimseni kapoor uses is to help you beat your breathing problems. Simply wrap some camphor into a cloth and, whenever you feel breathless, just smell it for a few minutes. The subtle scent of the bhimseni camphor helps clear out your lungs and helps them absorb more oxygen.


Who knew one of the most underrated bhimseni kapoor benefits was that it could cure a toothache? So, if you are facing a dull pain on one of your teeth, simply hold a small piece of bhimseni kapoor on that tooth for some time. And don’t worry about consuming it; bhimseni kapoor is edible, so swallowing it will only improve your body as it also detoxifies your organs.

These are just a few of the uses and benefits of bhimseni kapoor, and there are many more. There are thousands of home remedies that highlight the benefits bhimseni camphor uses. Such is the versatility of this wonderful product that was mentioned even in our ancient Hindu scriptures. 

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