Why is burning camphor associated with a peaceful life?

A typical Hindu puja thali is incomplete without a few tablets of camphor. Why’s that so? Why do Hindus stress so much on these white-coloured, lightweight tablets? Apart from having immense religious significance, camphor is known to provide peace and positivity daily. Burning camphor, in general, has an incredible impact on your life and overall well-being. And here’s how burning camphor is a way to attain a peaceful life.

Attracts Positivity to Your Senses

The mere fragrance of camphor soothes all your senses and chakras. The distinct scent of camphor helps ease nasal congestions and triggers an open and smooth airflow. Burning camphor alone every day can bring positive and happy thoughts to you. If you want to protect your loved ones from various diseases, mix a few drops of camphor oil in water and take bath with this water every day.

Keeps Negativity at Bay

Burning camphor - when coupled with the delighting fragrance of flowers, the warmth of burning diyas, and vibrations of ringing bells - drives negativities away. Not just that, mispositioned planets bring doshas and negativity in your life. The smoke from burning ghee with camphor reduces the intense effect of planets and keeps negativity at bay.

Enhances Relationships

Misunderstandings, arguments and low patience can often kill harmony between couples and family members. But when you have something that clears your mind, elevates your mood, and makes you feel fresh, there are lower chances of conflicts with your loved ones. Burning camphor regularly can do miracles for your relationships with loved ones. Keeping two tablets of camphor in the corners of the room has been a remedy to harmonise relationships for several decades.

Provides Quality Sleep

When a lot in your life isn’t going as you wish or plan, you tend to be stressed and have sleepless nights. If not sleepless, you fail to get enough quality sleep. It is believed that burning camphor before sleeping has the power to remove harmful microorganisms from the surrounding, thus providing sound sleep by keeping nightmares and worries away.

Reduces Excessive Expenses

We often lead a peaceful life when our finances are in good shape, and our pockets are adequately filled. But mispositioned planets can result in excessive and unavoidable expenses. It is known that burning camphor and cloves in a silver bowl after cleaning the kitchen solves impulsive buying and uncontrolled spending habits.

Even the wealthiest temples burn camphor several times during the day. That’s mostly because it is believed that burning camphor pleases Gods, and devotees get blessed with virtue and prosperity. That’s the significance of camphor in several ways. Make your home as peaceful as a temple by getting Mangalam Camphor and burning it daily.