Significance of Camphor in Laxmi Puja on Diwali

Laxmi puja is celebrated on the third day of Diwali and is considered to be the most important day among Hindus. People perform Laxmi puja for wealth and prosperity. However, puja is not limited to chanting mantras; it needs to have some absolutely necessary rituals, which require the right ingredients. Kumkum powder, incense sticks, gold and silver coins, and camphor are some out of the many ingredients you must include for your Laxmi puja. Although camphor stands out compared to others, the puja includes a mantra that is dedicated to it. Read on to know about the significance of camphor in Laxmi puja.  

Eliminates negativity and evil spirits 

It is believed that burning camphor eliminates negativity and evil spirits by purifying the entire house. When your house is free from evil spirits, you are likely to gain more wealth, good health and great success - the three things associated with Goddess Laxmi. Also, camphor leaves behind a strong odour that is said to heal your blocked chakras, clear your thoughts and also serves to be supremely relaxing. Therefore, it eliminates negativity from your mind too. When you think positively and make decisions with a clear mind, you are likely to gain prosperity. Camphor has many medicinal properties too, which keep you healthy, and as it is said, being healthy is equal to being wealthy. When Goddess Laxmi showers wealth, the idea is not limited to money. It also means peace of mind, health, and vast knowledge.  

Illuminates one’s soul 

Laxmi puja is celebrated during Amavasya, when there is absolute darkness. So when you light a diya and camphor, it illuminates the dark night; although this darkness is not limited to outer space but also your inner space, i.e, your mind. When you burn camphor, it evaporates without leaving behind any residue - this metaphorically means that your thoughts must be burnt, purified and transformed into positive ones without leaving behind any negativity or grudges. This process illuminates your soul and takes you closer to god. 

Welcomes prosperity and wealth

Laxmi puja is also celebrated as the new year in some Hindu families, and on this New Year’s day, they wear new clothes and accessories and cook the best feast. This reflects their inner prosperity and excitement for a new beginning. However, this aspect of the holy day is also connected with camphor. It is believed that when you burn camphor, you surrender your ego, making space for knowledge and divine entity. Therefore, with knowledge and divinity in your mind, your heart assures you wealth, prosperity, and a new beginning.

Camphor is believed to be the favourite of gods and goddesses as it makes them happy, and this is why it has such spiritual significance for Laxmi puja. Camphor is a way to reach the goddess' heart. However, make sure you use 100% pure camphor, which you will get from Mangalam - order it right now and make your house and soul pure.