Using Camphor to Fight Dengue

November is around the corner, and your house might be exposed to fatal illnesses. Wondering how? Mosquitoes are most active this month, and somehow, these small creatures can find their way into your house. Tiny but harmful, this insect has the potential to send you to the hospital by spreading dengue. You might use chemical sprays to keep them away, but their toxic smells can affect your health significantly. The best solution for this problem is camphor. It has massive medical benefits and the potential to save you from fatal illnesses. Read on to know how camphor can fight dengue.  

How is camphor used in fighting dengue? 

Mosquitoes have an extremely strong sense of smell; using this, they can smell carbon dioxide and chemicals produced by our body and reach out to us to suck our blood. When you burn camphor, its smell baffles mosquitoes with their own odour. This way, camphor repels dangerous dengue mosquitoes and keeps you and your home safe. In addition, camphor leaves behind a pleasant fragrance that can solve other issues in your body, unlike chemical sprays that can kill mosquitoes but negatively impact your health.     

How to use camphor?

You can use camphor in three different ways that will help you in getting rid of dengue mosquitoes:  

  • Put two tablets of camphor in the bowl of water and position them in the corner of the room, where kids and pets can’t reach 
  • Burn the tablet in the middle of the room, close all doors and windows of your house for one hour
  • Place your camphor on a heated device and leave it to melt; its smell will fill the room in no time 

These methods will show their wonders soon and make your house healthy and safe.

Which type of camphor should you use?

There are two types of camphor - pure and adulterated. What is the difference? The pure camphor does not leave any residue behind and is pure white, while the adulterated ones are yellowish and leave residue after burning. Therefore, you must use pure camphor, which you will get only at House of Mangalam - they produce 100% pure camphor.  

Camphor is the best home remedy with enormous benefits. Plus, it is affordable and purchasing this can save you from paying doctors. To buy pure camphor, contact House of Manglam - they deliver all kinds of pure camphor, which can be used in puja, therapy, and for mother purposes all at reasonable prices. So place your order now.