Keep four doshas at bay by burning Mangalam camphor daily

We already know that burning camphor regularly has positive effects. It is believed that it drives away all the negative energy and impurities from the environment. But did you know that the process has the power to alleviate stronger issues in life like Doshas?

Yes, it's true. Burning camphor tablets and oil can reduce the severeness of the following Doshas.

1. Vastu Dosha

We all know when our home elements don't follow the rules of Vastu Shastra, we end up facing a lot of negativity. No peace at home, affected income or excessive expenses, bad health and obstacles in almost everything in life are just some of the side effects of the wrong Vastu setting or Vastu Dosha. If you keep camphor in the area that is not as per Vastu, it will help remove Vastu Dosha. Just keep two camphor tablets in the specific location, and you will see a miraculous difference over a period.

2. Kalsarpa Dosha

Some of the most nuisance-creating Doshas people can face in their lives include the Kalsarpa Dosha. If Kalsarpadosh is created in a person's horoscope, then it is believed that he has to struggle for 42 years of life. Hence, it is crucial to solve this issue to get relief and peace in life. The good news is that camphor can help in solving Kalsarpa Dosha to an extent. Dip a few tablets of camphor in pure ghee and burn them. Doing so will reduce the negativity of Kalsarpa Dosha.

3. Pitru Dosha

If you are deemed to pay the karmaic debts of your ancestors in this life, it becomes almost impossible to run away from the consequences. But at least the negativity of Pitru Dosha can be reduced with camphor. Just like Kalsarpa Dosha, burning camphor tablets dipped in pure ghee will reduce the intensity of Pitru Dosha. Burn camphor dipped in ghee three times a day in the house. Make sure you do this every day and let the heat and smoke of burning camphor and ghee spread throughout your home for better results.

4. Doshas in Birth Chart

Because of some ill effects of the wrongly positioned stars or planets, some people suffer from various problems throughout their lives as per the birth chart. Uneven harmony, poor relationships, bad health, affected financial situations, and stressful life are just problems one faces when they have Doshas in their birth chart. Adding drops of camphor oil along with a few drops of jasmine oil to the water while bathing is beneficial. Adopted on a Saturday, this remedy is believed to remove Rahu, Ketu, and Shani Dosha (some of the common doshas in the birth chart).

If you haven't given camphor a try in your life, it's time you do so, especially if you face the consequences of one of these Doshas. Order 100% organic and pure camphor tablets by House of Mangalam , and bring home a wave of positivity. Start noticing the difference from day one.