Is Camphor and Ajvain Potli Useful?

Is camphor and ajvain potli is useless? Not really. Camphor and ajvain potli has been a popular remedy for many decades as it has various benefits apart from improving your blood oxygen levels. Here’s more on it.

What is Camphor and Ajvain Potli?

Before we begin with the benefits, let’s understand what exactly is this potli. Camphor and ajvain potli is nothing but a few teaspoons of roasted ajvain, with a few pallets of camphor, wrapped in a muslin cloth. Here’s a recipe to make the perfect potli:

  1. Heat a pan for a few minutes
  2. Add three spoons of ajvain and dry roast it
  3. Let the ajvain cool down for a few minutes
  4. Then, add three pallets of natural camphor
  5. Wrap the camphor and ajvain mixture in muslin cloth

    Remember, do not add camphor to ajvain if it’s still hot since camphor is highly flammable.

    Benefits of Camphor and Ajvain Potli

    Camphor has amazing benefits for your health, and so does ajvain. When you mix both of them, you get even more benefits that can improve your lifestyle significantly. Here are some of the benefits camphor and ajvain potli.

    Treats Blocked Nose

    Did your grandmother ever give you a small potli to inhale when you suffered from cold during childhood? The potli most probably contained camphor and ajvain. This is because the potli acts as a decongestant and removes mucus from your nasal passages. You should inhale a light mixture of camphor and ajvain frequently if you have a cold.

    Eases Shortness of Breath

    Apart from soothing your nasal passages, the waft of camphor and roasted ajvain also helps your lungs breathe better. This is why you should always carry a camphor and ajvain potli with you if you tend to get breathless after doing some activity, like climbing stairs or walking.

    Boosts Immunity

    While the potli does not improve your blood oxygen levels, it sure does help you fight COVID by boosting your immunity. Instead of spending thousands of rupees on immunity boosters, simply inhale this potli frequently throughout the day and your immune system will remain on its feet to fight any intrusions.

    Detoxifies Your Blood

    Our modern lifestyle—with junk food, polluted air, synthetic chemicals, etc.—means that our blood isn’t always clean, it is full of toxins. Inhaling this potli in the morning or just before your sleep will remove the toxins from your blood and purify your body because both camphor and ajvain have purifying abilities.

    When making your ajvain and camphor potli, you must use pure camphor. Adulterated camphor can be toxic and does not offer the same effectiveness. So, order 100% pure camphor from the House of Mangalam.