Benefits Of Camphor Essential Oil

Camphor isn’t just kapur you use during pujas—you can purchase camphor in the form of essential oil, too. But why would you do that? Because, just like regular camphor tablets, camphor oil also has various life-improving benefits! Here are some of the benefits of camphor essential oil and how it can help you transform your life.

Treats Pregnancy Cramps 

Pregnancy cramps are a common occurrence for pregnant women, and they can be quite difficult to deal with. Thankfully, one of the benefits of camphor essential oil is that it can ease these pregnancy cramps. All you need to do is take some mustard or coconut oil and heat it with camphor oil. Once the mixture is cool, gently massage your stomach with it. The healing powers of camphor oil are instant, giving you instant relaxation.

Cures Acne and Acne Scars 

If you are suffering from acne, you can use camphor essential oil to treat it. It is much safer than other chemicals as it is made from natural materials, and it does not cause any irritation to your skin. Here, add a few drops of camphor oil to basic face oil, like olive oil or almond oil, and massage your face for a couple of minutes. 

Prevents Hair Loss and Dandruff

One of the most underrated benefits of camphor essential oil is preventing hair loss and dandruff! Camphor oil improves the blood flow to the scalp, promotes hair growth, and enhances your hair’s health, preventing dandruff. These camphor oil benefits work best as a pre-shampoo treatment. Mix camphor oil with your regular hair oil, apply it to your hair for some time and shampoo your hair. You’ll see the results within a few weeks!

Dispels Negativity and Fear

Camphor is healing, and it uplifts your mood to a more spiritual vibration. So, next time when you feel stressed or encounter a stressful situation, spray a few drops of camphor essential oil onto your clothes. This will intrude harmful energies from attacking you. This is one of the camphor oil benefits that you must try to see the results!

Fights Cold

Sneezing a lot lately, or have a blocked nose? Use camphor essential oil. One of the health benefits of camphor oil is that it can help you fight cold. Add ten drops of camphor oil to your bath, and massage a few drops on your chest and upper back. Camphor essential oil has a cool, pungent smell that clears nasal passages in no time.

Increases Libido

If you want to reignite the flame with your spouse, camphor oil can do wonders for you. Camphor oil stimulates the part of the brain that’s responsible for sexual desires. So, adding a few drops of camphor oil into your aroma diffuser can significantly boost your libido.

Reduces Inflammation

Camphor oil has a cooling effect, which makes it a terrific anti-inflammatory agent. It can cure all types of internal and external inflammations by relaxing the mind and giving a feeling of peace. Add camphor to any natural massage oil of your choice, not more than 3-4 drops, and massage the affected area for a couple of minutes. 

The benefits of camphor oil are endless—simply including camphor oil into your daily routine and diet can influence your life in so many ways. Not only does camphor oil help your physical and mental health, but it is also spiritually healing. So, what are you waiting for? Order 100% authentic and natural camphor oil now.