How Camphor Works As a Natural Home Freshener

Only a handful of substances in this world are well-known for their multifaceted nature and camphor being one of them is a boon to every household. A large part of history has benefitted from the goodness of camphor right from religious practices to medicinal purposes. And even today, camphor’s acknowledgment and usage are only growing over time. Camphor is a lot of things, and one of them is being a natural home freshener. Here are some of the few ways that camphor serves in making your house healthy and fresh.

 Acts as a great insecticide

Camphor has been a proven natural insecticide. Your house might be crawling with numerous insects hidden in the obscured areas that compromise the health of your family. You can easily get rid of insects such as mosquitos, ants, or bed bugs in your home by lighting camphor in various places. Read below to know-how:

  • To get rid of ants, dissolve an appropriate amount of camphor in water and proceed to sprinkle it in the ant zone and watch them disappear within seconds.
  • To get rid of mosquitos, light the camphor tablets in the part of the house with the most mosquito activity and close down all windows and doors for 15 minutes. You will come back to a mosquito-free space.
  • To get rid of bugs, wash and clean all your bed sheets and mattresses. Proceed to put some camphor in a muslin cloth and put it in between the mattresses.

 Leaves a fresh odor

The air that we take in should be healthy and some air fresheners fail to do that. These artificial fresheners contain a chemical called phthalates that have harmful effects on the bodies of children and pregnant women, causing health issues. You have a better alternative instead of those artificial fresheners. You can acquire camphor fresheners that come in numerous fragrances to keep your household fresh without causing any adverse effects on your family’s health.

 Annihilates germs

Another perk that camphor air fresheners come with is their ability to eliminate the germs prevailing in your house. Once you burn the camphor tablets in your house, there would be no traces of germs and the camphor will end up giving a fresh fragrance in its wake.

Pure camphor acts as an effective way of bringing in a healthy home environment by acting on many of the impurities in your household. To obtain such camphor, seek out Mangalam camphor as we provide a one-stop destination of all camphor goods, right from cosmetics to tablets. Get yours today!