Myths and Facts About Camphor You Should Be Aware Of

Camphor is one of the most inexpensive products that has enormous benefits. It is used in pharmaceutical industries and also has spiritual significance. Camphor has natural healing properties, which cures your pain, cold sores, cough, itching, stress levels, anxieties and more. Although anything in excess can be harmful, camphor has certain limitations. However, it can do wonders if used in the right quantity. Here are some myths about camphor that you should be aware of:

Camphor is safe for children

No, camphor is not completely safe for children. It consists of certain chemical properties, which can be poisonous for them. If a child consumes a camphor tablet, they can get seizures, sometimes even leading to death. You need to ensure that children cannot reach camphor tablets or camphor oil, since they can be fatal if consumed. Moreover, it is suggested not to use camphor-related products for children with cough and cold, since its strong aroma can be harmful rather than helpful.

Camphor can be ingested

Camphor should never be ingested by children or adults, for it can cause them massive harm. If anybody consumes camphor, they will start experiencing a burning sensation in the mouth and throat, nausea, vomiting, seizures, etc. In severe cases, the individual can die too. Note that the side effects start showing after 5 to 90 minutes of camphor ingestion. Hence, ensure that it is not consumed directly from the mouth.

Camphor can be applied to broken skin

No, camphor cannot be applied to broken skin, because when you apply camphor to damaged skin, it gets absorbed into the skin, enters your body and further enhances the concentrations to the maximum level, which can be harmful to your body. Moreover, it can further damage your skin and intensify the wound. Hence, avoid applying camphor to wounded or broken skin.

Camphor-related products can be heated

While camphor tablets can be burned, camphor-related products should never be heated. Do not try to heat such products in your microwave or heater, for they can burst, explode and cause severe burns to your body. Ensure that you know about the usage, dosage and harmful effects of camphor. This information can prevent potential damage and accidents.


Camphor can be inhaled consistently

Camphor should only be inhaled in small quantities for relief from cough and cold. If inhaled in large amounts, it can increase the concentrations in your body, worsening your condition. Therefore, ensure that you inhale and use camphor-related products only as much as is required. You can ask your doctor for a better understanding of dosage.

Today, with proper research and expert advice, we know the potential of camphor in medical studies and medicines. When you have adequate knowledge of something, you can use it to your benefit. So if you are looking for pure camphor, visit Our camphor is made by experts using balanced solutions and properties, making it safe for our customers.