Modern Benefits of Camphor

Doctors used camphor as a fumigant during the Black Death, ancient Egyptians used it as a perfume, and Hindus have been using it for centuries for puja and health. Suffice to say, there’s hardly any other substance in the world that has been used so widely, for so many different reasons. But does camphor still have uses in the modern world?

Yes! We know more about camphor than we ever have, and we have discovered hundreds of uses of camphor that can help you improve your lifestyle. And here are the best uses of camphor.

Treats Cough and Cold

Camphor is a unique substance with a cool, pungent smell, which acts as a decongestant and opens up your nasal passages. Additionally, when applied to the skin, camphor gets absorbed into your skin and heals your lungs, curing your cough and cold. So, next time you have a cold or cough, apply some camphor essential oil to your chest, back, and nose, and let it do its magic!

Eases Pain and Inflammation

The same camphor essential oil can also ease your pain and inflammation. When it gets absorbed into your skin, it stimulates the nerve endings, which results in reduced pain and inflammation. We recommend you carry some camphor and essential oils whenever you are out for a hike or a trip.

Reduces Skin Itching

Insect bites are frustrating, but sometimes, they can’t be avoided. In such cases, don’t scratch your delicate skin. Instead, rub some camphor on the itchy area of the skin and wait for a few minutes. We assure you, the itchiness will fade within minutes!

Repels Insects

Since prevention is better than cure, you can also use camphor to simply repel insects before they start bothering you. For this, burn some natural camphor in your room. While it helps our body, the pungent smell will repel the insects since they can’t handle it. Camphor is simply the best mosquito repellent, too, so don’t forget to burn it every night before you sleep.

Toenail Fungus

The monsoon season is here in India, which means your legs will most likely get wet every time you step out. This damp environment also means your toenails are at risk of a fungal infection. Instead of applying toxic creams over it, you should apply camphor with lemon eucalyptus oil. The camphor’s smell suffocates the fungus, while the mixture works to sanitise the toenails.

Purify Your Home

Did you know that our ancient scriptures describe camphor as a divine substance? This is because it has strong divine properties that other substances do not. Burning camphor has the power to purify your home and eliminate negative energies, which further improve your family’s health and bring wealth. So, using camphor during your morning prayers can significantly improve your family’s lifestyle.