Did you know that camphor has been with us since the beginning of time

Karpur is frequently referred to in Hindu Mythology to describe attributes of the almighty

Quotes from Chaitanya-charitamrita

  • Madhya Lila 8.170:  “ Srimati Radharani’s  personal beauty is the reddish powder known as kunkuma, Her affection for Her associates is sandalwood pulp, and the sweetness of  Her smile is camphor . All these, combined together, are smeared over Her body.”
  • Antya 19.94:  Krsna’s  eyes, navel and face, hands and feet are like eight lotus flowers on His body.  From those eight lotuses emanates a fragrance like a mixture of camphor and lotus . That is the scent associated with His body.”

Lord Shiva is described to be as white as Camphor

  • Karpuura Gauram, Karunaa Avataaram
    Samsaara Saaram, Bhujagendra Haaram
    Sadaa vasantam, Hrdaya Aravinde
    Bhavam Bhavaani, Shahitam Namaani

In fact, it is said, Hanuman jis tail was lit with camphor which he then used to burn Lanka!