How to Identify Pure Camphor

Camphor—the divine and magical substance—is found in most Indian homes, and used for many things like pooja, healing, meditation, curing cold and inflammation, and many more. After all, why not? Camphor has so many benefits for our mental and spiritual health.

However, there’s a catch. Not all camphor is made the same. Most of the camphor sold in India is not pure; it is adulterated  camphor, made with chemicals that do more harm than good. So, how do you verify camphor purity? It’s pretty simple, here’s how.

It Has a Distinct Smell

Camphor has a distinct smell, but with pure camphor, that smell is also smooth. On the other hand, adulterated  camphor is strong, and it somewhat smells similar to vapour rubs. So, the easiest way on how to identify pure camphor is to give it a sniff; if the smell itches your nose, it is adulterated.

Its Flame is Bright Orange

Another sign of camphor purity is its flame. Adulterated camphor burns with reddish or bluish flame with white or grey smoke, often accompanied by mild sparks. On the other hand, pure camphor burns with a bright orange flame with black smoke. In the same vein, pure camphor emits a lingering smell, while adulterated camphor either emits no smell or has a pungent smell.

It Leaves No Residue

Have you ever burnt a pallet of camphor and noticed any residue, like powder of wax, left behind after the flame dies? That’s a sign of adulterated camphor. Natural camphor leaves behind no residue when it is burnt. This is the most popular way to identify camphor purity.

It is White in Colour

 If the camphor looks yellowish or brown, you should avoid it at all costs as it is not only impure but also harmful to your body. Yellowish camphor contains safrole that has severe side effects, such as vomiting, high blood pressure, sweating and hot flashes, liver damage, and even cancer. 

When you use pure camphor, you get to enjoy all its benefits. You can cure various illnesses, purify your home and soul, ward of evil spirits (and mosquitoes), and a lot more. With adulterated camphor, you don’t get to enjoy those benefits, and in some cases, it may even harm you and your family. So, it’s best to always choose pure camphor over synthetic, and there’s no better place than the House of Mangalam. You can order pure camphor tablets, essential oils, and much more!