Is Camphor Good for Skin?

During ancient times, people used to wear camphor bags around their necks to defend themselves against illnesses, but the use of camphor has come a long way since then. One such area where camphor really shines is in the skincare department. Camphor has been proven to have many benefits for the skin, such as.

Relieves Skin Irritation and Itchiness

Whether you are suffering from dry skin, insect bites, or allergic reactions, you can use camphor to relieve the irritation. Simply apply some pure camphor essential oil to the itchy area of the skin and wait for it to do its magic. Camphor has healing properties, it gets absorbed into the skin and starts healing the skin from within, curing irritation and itchiness.

Improves Overall Appearance of the Skin

In the same vein, pure camphor is terrific for restoring your skin. Camphor soaps, essential oils, and handwash can treat UV-light induced wrinkles and restore the youth within your skin. They do this by increasing elastin and collagen production within your skin. If you are looking for an all-rounder pure camphor skincare solution, check out CamPure’s Personal Care Box

Heals Skin Infections

Skin infections are no strangers to those of us who live in humid cities like Mumbai or Bangalore, and it only gets worse during monsoons. So, instead of relying on synthetic formulas to protect your skin against infections, use camphor essential oils and other skincare products to treat and prevent skin infections. Camphor’s strong smell, chemical buildup, and healing properties combine to suffocate and eliminate the infection-causing microbes.

Heals Second Degree Burns

Balms and creams made of pure camphor have a terrific benefit over other OTC burn treatment products like Vaseline. A 2018 study confirmed that camphor balms and lotions decrease the healing time for second-degree burns compared to other products. 

Do note to consult your doctor before applying anything to the burn; if the burn is severe, the wrong treatment can hurt you and damage your skin. Additionally, avoid using camphor on broken or injured skin as it can be potentially toxic. 

Fights Acne

Acne can be frustrating—it hurts, lowers your confidence, and sometimes leaves lifelong scars on your skin. The solution? Camphor soap and essential oil. Simply use the camphor skincare products daily and watch as your acne starts to heal. 

Since the Vedic period, camphor has been in use around India for various reasons. One of the biggest reasons for those is that camphor is a fantastic alternative to other skincare products. CamPure camphor skincare products are naturally sourced, made using the purest products. It’s time to get your skincare routine started, and the best way to do that is to order CamPure’s Personal Care Box now!