Krishna Swallows Forest Fire

There was a forest known as Bhandiravana where Krishna and Balarama used to take their cows to graze by the banks of the river Yamuna. Krishna and Balaram friends also had taken their cows to the riverbank. However they were so busy with their own fun and games, that they lost the cows. They guessed that the cows must have wandered off into the Munjavan forest. The little boys went into Munjavan without informing Krishna and Balarama. Kamsa was always plotting to harm Krishna, Balarama and their young friends. His servants set Munjavan on fire when the boys entered it. Krishna’s little friends and their cattle were all surrounded by the terrific fire from all sides. They could see no other option than to cry out to Krishna for help, as they were scared to death. Krishna appeared at once and told his friends to close their eyes and also not to worry. When they did so, Krishna approached the fire and swallowed it as a whole. The evil plans of Kamsa were foiled again and the people of Vrindavan rejoiced at further realization of Krishna’s supreme powers.