Shyam Rai Temple of Bishnupur

Shyam Rai Temple of Bishnupur, the oldest and best examples of Pancha Ratna Style of architecture. Built in 1643, the Shyam Rai Temple is also one of the earliest temples of Bishnupur. Built by Malla ruler Raghunath Singha, the building is an exquisite example of medieval Bengali art & architecture. Built entirely with clay bricks and clad in burnt clay (terracotta) tiles, Shaym Rai Temple is a marvel both in terms of its design and construction. The roof of the building is of flat curved type – a unique feature of Bengali Architecture. Above the roof rises five beautiful pinnacles, giving the name Pancha Ratna.

Like most of the temples in Bishnupur, this temple is also dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna and Sri Radha.