Kailasa Temple, Ellora Caves

Kailasa Temple is the largest rock-cut Hindu temple at 16th century Ellora Caves. This temple will give you the reason to enhance your knowledge about Indian mythology like never before. The structure of Kailasa Temple is monolith which means this cave temple is built on a single rock. Inside the Kailasa Cave Temple, the rendering of Ramayana is engraved in it. This three-story tall temple structure has intricate carvings, which came to the notice of Brutal Mughal King, Aurangzeb, and later, he ordered to destroy the caves, but nothing has happened to Kailasa Cave Temple. According to the archaeologist, there are supposed to be 30 million Sanskrit carvings that are yet to be decoded to understand their meaning. No human in this time has that refined craftsmanship, so many believe it is a mysterious temple in India. Once you visit it, you will feel the divine vibes inside the holy temple complex.