How to Keep Indoor Air Clean and Fresh?

These days, the air we breathe outside is heavily polluted. The same air also exists in your homes, and it can be pretty harmful to your health. But there’s no need to panic. Unlike the air pollution on your way to work, indoor air pollution is easily fixed with a few remedies. 

Here are a few things you can try to keep your indoor air clean and fresh.

Change your AC filter

In modern homes, we rely on the air conditioner to provide cool air during multiple hours of the day. And when the AC is running, all the doors and windows are shut, which means the same air gets circulated within the home. 

So, ensure the AC filters are clean, or else the AC will blow dirty air into your home with no way to go out, leading to various breathing problems like cough, throat irritation, and even asthma.

Buy indoor plants

Did you know that the Sanjay Gandhi National Park is regarded as Mumbai’s lungs? It filters the air within the region. In the same way, you can have a few indoor plants to purify the air in your house! We recommend plants like the snake plant, pot mum, spider plant, dragon tree, bamboo palm, etc. These plants will enhance your indoor decor, so there’s that, too.

Use low VOC paints

Some paints release minute amounts of gases even after they dry; these gases are called volatile organic compounds, which can be quite toxic. So, use low VOC paints or varnishes to ensure your home’s paint does not pollute your indoor air. 

Ventilate your rooms

Ensure your rooms are well ventilated. So, at least for a few hours, open all the windows and let your room breathe the fresh air from outside. When the doors and windows are shut, moisture builds up indoors, leading to high humidity, discomfort, and a pungent smell.

Keep everything dry and clean

If you’ve got damp walls or floors, they can grow mould on them, which is a form of fungus that can be very dangerous to you and your family. Mould releases spores, which, if inhaled, can cause diseases such as skin irritation, asthma, bronchitis, eye irritation, and a lot more.

Use camphor air-fresheners

There’s a reason camphor is regarded as one of the divine substances in ancient Hindu scriptures—it has many benefits that our ancestors discovered. One such benefit is that it can purify your indoor air. When camphor is used indoors, it kills microorganisms and purifies the indoor air. Plus, it spreads positive vibrations and energies within the home, which can benefit you tremendously.

Camphor air fresheners come in various forms—from camphor cones to diffusers and from tablets to sticks. However, ensure you use only pure, unadulterated, chemical-free camphor that is safe to use and breathe, like the ones we offer at House of Mangalam. Order yours now!

Use these remedies, and within no time, your indoor air will be clean and fresh. After all, your home should be a safe place to be in.