5 Types of Products That Are Made With Camphor

Times have changed, but the significance of Ayurveda has yet to see a decline. Centuries have shown us the importance of Ayurveda and the elements used in it are still carrying their legacy in modern times. One such element is camphor. Recognizing its innumerable benefits, camphor has been transformed into various products, altering it as per its needs. Here are some of the many camphor products you should have in your household.

Camphor tablets

Right from ancient times, burning camphor has been a ritual in most of the households during pujas, which symbolizes a union with the deities. Burning camphor tablets wards off any evil energy from your house and fosters a positive environment in every corner. Furthermore, these camphor tablets are burned so that their fumes free your nasal passages of any blockage and relieve your throat.

Camphor ointments and creams

Camphor ointment applications are immense. Camphor has antitussive (anti-cough) properties that can tame your incessant cough. A thick layer of ointment on your chest and throat at night can relieve your cough and help with congestion. Creams containing camphor can help with numerous skin issues such as acne, skin irritation, itchiness, skin burns and even eczema. Its antifungal and antibacterial properties rid your skin of any infection.  

Camphor essential oils

Essential oils are one of the best camphor products available in the market and have versatile uses. Camphor oil can help get rid of stubborn dandruff in your hair and help in hair growth. Additionally, massaging your bones with camphor oil possessing anti-inflammatory effects can relieve your arthritis pain effectively. Camphor oil also soothes swelling and burning sensations caused by hemorrhoids due to its coolant properties.

Camphor soaps

With a unique formation and rich fragrance, camphor soaps are a must-have product in your household. The goodness of camphor helps the skin revitalize its lost minerals and keeps skin rashes and irritation away. These soaps can clean your pores and make your skin shine brighter without leaving any impurities behind. The best thing? These soaps are affordable at a normal price range, yet they are more long-lasting than conventional ones. Check them out here.

Camphor air fresheners

With a wide array of fragrances, a camphor freshener spray quickly spreads to neutralize unpleasant odors and protect you from mosquitoes and other insects. Moreover, camphor cones can be hung in your cupboards, cars, wardrobes and washrooms to spread a refreshing fragrance, repel mosquitoes and elevate your mood. These cones are long-lasting and available in a variety of pleasant fragrances.

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