These Camphor Facts Will Astonish You

Camphor is a divine element of nature and its perks spread over a wide array of fields, involving Ayurveda, medical and healing, rituals and physical and mental well-being. The benefits of camphor are endless and here are a few facts that will leave you stunned. 

  1. Camphor has antioxidant properties. It helps in the reduction of free radicals in your body, resulting in low risks of diabetes, liver diseases, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.
  2. In Indonesia, camphor trees are known to keep exotic termites away
  3. Research demonstrates that camphor oil not only eases muscle pain but also helps control cholesterol.  
  4. Camphor helps fight dengue. Mosquitoes can smell carbon dioxide and other chemicals produced by our body, hence, burning camphor can evade that odour. 
  5. Camphor oil can treat your dandruff effectively and nourish your dry and itchy scalp. Moreover, it can induce the growth of your hair.
  6. During the Japanese colonial era (1895–1945), camphor was used as a prominent ingredient in the production of smokeless gunpowder and celluloid.
  7. Camphor was a common ingredient in perfumes in the ancient Arab period. The Chinese referred to it as "dragon's brain perfume" due to its pungent and portentous aroma.
  8. Hand washes and sanitizers have become essential products in our daily lives and you can also get camphor-based hand washes and sanitizers that eliminate germs and bacteria while leaving your hands healthy, nourished and refreshed. These sanitizers can be used on sensitive skin as well. 
  9. Have insect bites? Just apply camphor as a skin cream or ointment to get rid of the irritation.
  10. Mixing camphor with water helps treat fungal infections in the skin and nails. You can also apply camphor oil directly to the infected skin for treatment.
  11. It is not a commonly known fact that people, especially the elderly suffering from arthritis, can apply camphor essential oil to their joints to relieve the pain. 
  12. Camphor is an FDA-approved antitussive that relieves your cough and nose block that helps you breathe freely. Say bye-bye to a persistent cough with a camphor-based vapour rub.
  13. If wrinkles are your concern, you can now treat them at home itself using camphor essential oil or cream.
  14. Camphor also helps if you have sleeping problems. Its pleasing and gentle fragrance calms you down and gives you a good night’s sleep.
  15. Camphor has astrological significance as well. It is believed that burning camphor can bring prosperity to your home. An imbalance of pitta and kapha doshas arising out of wrongly positioned stars can also be balanced.  
  16. Your struggling mind due to anxiety and depression can find relief with camphor fumes. 

Such benefits are seldom found in a single ingredient, which indicates that camphor is one of the supreme elements we have the privilege of using. Everyone must definitely have camphor in their home and it just might come in handy while going about your daily life. Get your own set of camphor products with pure composition at House of Mangalam. Order today!