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Camphor Handwash

Rs. 198 - MRP Rs. 220
  • UNIQUELY FORMULATED based on CAMPHOR to ELIMINATE GERMS AND BACTERIA while leaving your hands HEALTHY, NOURISHED and REFRESHED. The product has the perfect pH balance and is even suited for sensitive skin to be daily used on your hands.
  • RICH LATHERING EXPERIENCE ensures a thorough and DEEP CLEANSING from the impurities in your skin pores. The cooling camphor DESTRESSES, SMOOTHENS AND SOFTENESS your skin, thereby leading to REJUVENATED AND REFRESHED SKIN every time you use the product
  • GOODNESS OF CAMPHOR: Camphor is an excellent skincare ingredient. Camphor revitalizes dry skin – soothes itchiness, redness and irritation – improves immunity - combats bacterial infections such as acne and blisters – improves skin tone and complexion and even has antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • DISTINCTIVE CAMPHOR FRAGRANCE: Enjoy the Camphor fragrance as you use the handwash. The fragrance is good for your health and even lingers on for a little while post your hands dry
  • LONG LASTING: Unlike conventional handwashes, our high quality handwash needs you to just use a small amount each time, which ensures your purchase lasts you a long time

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Camphor Handwash

Rs. 198 - MRP Rs. 220