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Bhimseni Camphor Jar - 100Gm

MRP Rs. 280
  • USE IN DIFFUSER: The sweet fragrance of Mangalam Bhimseni Camphor will change energy levels and create a positive aura around you and in your home
  • WHY PRAY WITH BHIMSENI CAMPHOR: As per our holy scriptures, pure bhimseni camphor symbolises union with god as it burns completely, leaving behind no trace. Pure bhimseni Camphor aarti dispels negativity, keeps one healthy and attracts prosperity
  • HOW TO CHECK THE PURITY OF BHIMSENI CAMPHOR: Pure bhimseni camphor burns and evaporates completely without sparking and does not leave behind any residue or ash
  • NO DANGEROUS CHEMICALS: Mangalam Bhimseni Camphor is Pure and is made from 100% camphor, which is derived from the pine tree. Locally available camphor can have fillers and other chemicals which are cancer causing and dangerous to breathe. 
  • EASY TO BURN – LONG LASTING FLAME: The convenient size and shape of Mangalam Bhimseni Camphor, makes it easy to grip. Moreover, since the product is pure camphor, it burns instantly and does not require much effort. The flame lasts the duration of your aarti

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Bhimseni Camphor Jar - 100Gm

MRP Rs. 280