Why White Camphor Tablets Are the Best

Camphor is key to maintaining your physical, mental and spiritual health. It comes in the form of small tablets and oil and imparts enormous benefits to users. However, there are four different types of camphor - white, yellow, blue and brown - of which white camphor is widely used. The usage and availability of blue, brown and yellow camphor are low compared to white due to their functionality and content. This article will explore the differences between these camphor types and justify why white camphor tablets are the best. 

What are different types of camphor?

While the usage and availability of white camphor will be explored further in the article, this section will explore blue, brown and yellow camphor.

The blue, brown and yellow camphor contains highly toxic toxins like safrole, which can harm humans. Yellow and brown camphor is used in cleaning agents in a measured quantity, along with other dilutions to balance the highly powerful camphor content. It is also used as a sedative due to its powerful narcotic effect in combating pain. Blue camphor is rarely used as it has a toxic colour grade. One thing that is common among blue, brown and yellow camphor is they are rarely available or used due to their highly toxic and addictive nature.

Why are white camphor tablets the best?

White camphor tables are widely used, primarily due to their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which make them natural healers. White camphor tablets make your life easier by:

Relieving pain

White camphor properties are known to stimulate nerve endings that combat pain and relax the muscles. People with arthritis, osteoarthritis or even normal muscle pain should apply balms containing camphor to minimise the pain.

Improving skin

White camphor has natural anti-fungal properties that clear infections and fungi from your skin. Additionally, camphor tablets or oil can be mixed with other elements like aloe vera to improve the glow, texture and softness of the skin.

Treating cough and nasal blockage

White camphor's strong aroma efficiently conducts expectorant activity in the body and releases blockage within no time. Either consume the camphor in small amounts (doctors' suggestion is mandatory in this case) or apply the balm on your chest to treat cough—this is highly recommended and effective.

Combating anxiety

White camphor’s strong aroma is known to numb sensory nerves, which reduces the impact of anxiety and other nervous disorders. The best part is that the healing process can be done at home because camphor is easy to use. It can be simply burned in a kapoor dani while meditating or relaxing, and the aroma will do wonders for you.

Inducing sleep

White camphor’s aroma is sweet and pleasant. It releases stress and helps you relax. You can simply burn the kapoor dani at night before your sleep and its pleasant fragrance will calm you and enable you to sleep soundly.