Why the CamPure Camphor Cone Is a Safe Mosquito Repellent for Babies

There are various mosquito killers in the market, but not all of them are safe. If you need a mosquito repellent for babies, you have to be extra careful, for a chemical spray can significantly harm them. The best mosquito repellent inIndia has is the CamPure camphor cone, which is organic and eco-friendly. Moreover, its strong smell is an efficient mosquito killer, without overwhelming babies and others in the house. On the contrary, it will boost your mood and makes babies less irritable. Explore reasons why CamPure camphor is the best mosquito repellent in India has developed. 

It is chemical-free

CamPure camphor cones do not consist of DEET, PDCB, Naphthalene and other petrochemicals responsible for cancer. On the contrary, it is made using pine tree extract, making it natural and organic and an ideal mosquito repellent for babies. The chemical-free products keep the air pure and unadulterated, ensuring the well-being of your child and other family members. Moreover, it keeps the atmosphere in the house refreshing, while the other chemical sprays tend to be suffocating.  

It can be placed away from kids

The CamPure camphor cone, as the name suggests, comes in a conical shape with a hanger on the top. Also, it is smaller in size and can be fit anywhere. The benefit of this mosquito repellent for babies is that you can hang it at a height that they cannot reach. This way, they won't accidentally consume the ingredients. Note that consuming camphor can lead to fatal health issues like seizures, nausea, vomiting, etc. This is why a camphor cone is the best option, as it can be hung anywhere in the house, away from kids and still function as an efficient mosquito killer.  

It keeps mosquitoes at bay 

Using camphor as a mosquito repellent for babies is a traditional hack, both safe and organic. Over time, with the use of technology, camphor has been upgraded, and companies are coming up with new ways to use camphor as a mosquito killer. The best example is the CamPure camphor cone that can be hung anywhere from your cupboard and kitchen to the main room, and you won't see mosquitoes hovering in your house. Its strong aroma confuses mosquitoes with their own smell, eventually helping you get rid of them.   

It is a healthier alternative 

Do you know the repercussions of inhaling DEET, Imiprothrin, PDCB and other petrochemical products? Adults can get cancer and other deadly infections. Now imagine what these mosquito killers can do to babies! The chemical products can be highly harmful to them, causing breathing problems and allergies. On the contrary, the CamPure camphor cone is the best mosquito repellent India has developed as it is chemical-free, organic and made out of pine extract. This makes it an ideal mosquito repellent for babies and an efficient mosquito killer in general. 

It is essential to choose a healthy and natural mosquito killer for it can significantly impact the mental and physical health of everyone in the household. Apart from the best mosquito repellent in India, CamPure camphor cone is a certified and trustworthy product from Mangalam Organics. We provide pure camphor that is harmless and safe for all users. Get your cones today and keep your family safe!