5 Ways to Use Camphor as a Room Freshener

The constant cooking, cleaning and to and fro of people can make your house smell like food, sweat and detergents, taking away the natural fragrance of the atmosphere. If you do not use air fresheners, such unpleasant smells can be overwhelming for you as well as the visitors in your home. The best solution is to use camphor-based air fresheners, for their strong aroma is not only pleasant but also helps you relax. You can buy air freshener online in various forms and sizes to maintain the aesthetic of your house, take minimum space and retain the natural fragrance. Here are the best air fresheners made using camphor:

Bhimseni camphor 

Bhimseni camphor balls are commonly used air fresheners that are generally found in households for their natural fragrance and puja uses. You can use these camphor balls as air fresheners for your room in three simple steps:

  • Take a wooden jar or lantern.
  • Put maximum camphor balls in them.
  • Place the jar in your room and ignite the balls.

It will only take a few minutes for the air freshener’s natural fragrance to diffuse in the room. However, ensure that you keep this air freshener away from kids, pets and clothes as it could be a fire hazard. Buy air fresheners with Bhimseni camphor here

Camphor cone 

If you want to buy air fresheners that are unique and stylish, opt for a camphor cone. They are the best air fresheners when it comes to ease of use as they only require two steps - unwrap the packet and hang it in your room. Note that you do not need to untie or tear the cone to diffuse the natural fragrance; just get the air freshener online and hang it as is. This cone also comes in various flavours, including the original camphor, rose, sandalwood, jasmine lavender and Bhimseni. These cones take the bare minimum space, and due to their unique shape and small size. They can fit anywhere and impart a unique look to your room.  

Aroma diffuser

Aroma diffusers are getting increasingly popular as they help you keep your house smelling fresh all the time. There are two types of aroma diffusers - the electric aroma diffuser, wherein you add the camphor oil and switch on the button; and the non-electric ceramic aroma diffuser, wherein you place the camphor and light a small candle under it. You can buy both air freshener online and they are the best air fresheners to diffuse a strong natural fragrance in the air. Both would immerse in the ambiance of your house and uplift its appearance. 

Room freshener

The camphor spray air fresheners are the easiest to use of all. You can buy air freshener online and spray them in your rooms. They instantly purify the air and refresh your soul. Camphor spray air fresheners can also help you get rid of mosquitoes, serving multiple purposes. 


Camphor sticks are a unique type of air freshener. They come with a hanger shape to hang anywhere and have a broad stick-like structure. You can hang them in your rooms, cupboards, kitchen spaces, etc. Their intense aroma and natural fragrance would always keep the room fresh. 

It has become affordable and easier to keep your house fresh and guest-ready. Plus, air fresheners are now more stylish than ever. You can order a variety of air fresheners online from Mangalam Organics. We offer the best air fresheners made from pure camphor. Order now!