Why Keep Pacha Karpuram in Your House & its benefits

Pacha Karpuram, or natural camphor, has played an active part throughout generations and millennia. Its varied uses have been recognised over time, and today, its popularity is reaching new heights. Having camphor in your possession at home provides you with numerous benefits, and the list doesn’t slow down either.

Some of its many benefits are listed down below.

Complements pooja and rituals

Burning camphor during poojas and rituals has been a tradition since olden times. It is said that burning camphor can symbolize a union with God. Having camphor in your home drives away negative forces and instils a positive environment throughout the house.

Treats cough and congestion

Inhaling camphor fumes can relieve your incessant cold and cough. Camphor contains a decongestant characteristic that treats night congestion, blocked nasal tracts and difficulties in breathing, and gives you a good night’s sleep.

Repels mosquitoes

Camphor is a good mosquito repellent. Burning camphor in the corner of the house with the most mosquito activity can keep them at bay. Burn a small quantity of camphor in your house and leave it locked for nearly half an hour. You will find that most of the mosquitoes are driven away.

Clears skin rashes

Camphor possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties that treat your skin rashes and brighten your skin. It helps you prevent wrinkles, treats acne and wounds, and revitalizes your skin. Camphor boosts the production of elastin and collagen in your body, which heals your skin and also provides an anti-ageing effect.

Improves hair health

Camphor contains properties that restrict your hair fall and produce voluminous hair. Using camphor oil can heal your dry scalp as well. Camphor’s nutritional values treat dandruff, oily scalp and follicle damage. It also prevents and treats fungal infections in your scalp. Camphor is a good constituent to give a lustrous feel to your hair.

Treats arthritis

Old age can affect your bones and leads to arthritis. Its anti-inflammatory properties can relieve pain in your joints caused by arthritis. Using camphor for massaging your joints daily can significantly give you relief from the pain.

Camphor’s uses are immense and the list is endless. Having camphor at your home is like having a versatile lifeline to treat your numerous health issues. Apart from the above mentioned, camphor also treats cold sores, haemorrhoids, heart diseases, mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, poor blood circulation and more. This is why you should have pure camphor at your home. At Mangalam, we provide pure Pacha Karpuram of the highest quality. Buy today!