No more Split Ends With These Easy Tips Using Camphor

No more Split Ends With These Easy Tips Using Camphor

Split ends make your hair look dry, brittle and frayed, affecting your overall appearance. What’s worse? Not many hacks or remedies are available to get rid of split ends. The primary reason for no remedy is that there is no one cause or reason for split ends. It is an amalgamation of many factors and causes, including genetics, environment, hair products, etc. This article explains the primary causes and provides some natural remedies whose ingredients you will find at home! 

Causes of split ends 

As mentioned above, there is no one cause of split ends. Below are a few causes or habits that cause split ends.

Hair stylants 

You are all styling your hair with blow dryers, flat iron and other heat stylers to look the best. But, indeed, it is damaging your hair significantly. The extreme heat from these heat stylers and the action of pulling it damages the hair cuticles. Plus, it also breaks your hair and causes split ends.

Tight rubber bands 

How much hair do you find on a rubber band when you yank it? When you remove a rubber band, it damages your hair due to friction on your hair strand. The consistent friction further leads to split ends.  

Hair colourants

The trend of colouring your hair can be tempting, but it does more harm than good. The massive chemicals in the colours and dye leave your hair dry and remove its natural moisture. Further, it makes the cuticle weaker, causing split ends.  


Overwashing will make your hair lose its natural oils. Plus, you are putting excessive amounts of chemicals in the hair, leaving it dry and prone to split ends. 

Types of split ends

There are various types of split ends you may not know. 

Classic split ends - Your hair splits in half at the tip of your hair.

Tree split ends - Your hair has multiple split ends like a tree branch.

Taper split ends - Your hair end gets thinner compared to others.

Y-Split ends - Your hair splits in a proper Y shape.

How to use camphor to get rid of split ends?

You can reduce the damage caused by hair products and prevent split ends using camphor combined with other natural products. Here is what and how:

Mix camphor, hibiscus and sesame oil

Camphor, hibiscus and sesame oil are natural moisturisers that form an insulation-type layer over your hair shaft. This prevents dryness, and its coating prevents breakage. You have to follow these three steps:

  • Heat sesame oil 
  • Add hibiscus flower to the oil
  • Add camphor oil after the oil changes its colour

You can then apply it to your hair, leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off. This will improve your hair texture and naturally prevent split ends. 

Other natural oils and flowers you can mix camphor with for stronger and healthier hair are:

  • Indian soapberry
  • Coconut oil 
  • Indian gooseberry
  • False daisy

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