How to take care of grey hair using camphor

Having grey hair at an early age is not uncommon in today’s time. Our lifestyle and environment are responsible for significant changes in our bodies that further affects our hair. However, you will find tons of shampoos and remedies to treat your grey hair, all loaded with chemicals and unnatural ingredients. If these ingredients don’t suit you, your problem will only intensify. Or, you find new hair issues coming up.  The best solution is to use an age-old organic remedy, i.e., camphor. It is the safest and most effective remedy to prevent and treat your grey hair. This article covers the causes of grey hair to camphor solution.

Causes of grey hair

While genetics remain the primary cause of grey hair, many other factors impact the health of your hair. Here are a few factors: 


You change tons of shampoo to get lustrous, voluminous hair, but it damages your hair. The number of chemicals that go into making these shampoos does more harm than good. For example, they make your hair dry, rough, thin and sensitive. This worsens when you use conditioner, hair dye and other hair products.

Eating habits 

Almost all vitamins and minerals are crucial for your hair growth. If you do not consume enough vitamins and binge on junk food, your hair won’t get the necessary nutrients and nourishments. This will further lead to grey hair growth combined with other hair problems. 


Stress is inevitable in today’s world, be it family, friends or work. You don’t get time to eat and exercise for your body and mind, which naturally affects your hormones. Stress has an impact on hair follicles, pushing them into resting phase, leading to grey hair growth.  

Can you prevent greying of hair?

Yes, you can prevent greying hair and that too organically. First, you will have to change your lifestyle by exercising and eating healthier food. Second, choose a more natural and organic shampoo for your hair. Ensure you don’t keep changing shampoos and conditioners, and altogether avoid hair dyes.

If you want to treat grey hair, you can use camphor. Check out how.

How camphor prevents greying of hair?

Camphor consists of medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic, making it the best safeguard shield for hair. These properties kill lice, remove dandruff and keep your scalp clean and healthy. When you apply camphor-enriched oil, it penetrates your scalp and strengthens your hair follicles. It is known to fulfil hair requirements and ensure you perfect healthy hair.

How to use camphor to treat and prevent grey hair?

You will need three main ingredients to prevent and treat your grey hair, and they are:

  • Camphor tablets
  • Coconut oil 
  • Hibiscus flowers

Further, boil the coconut oil, put hibiscus flowers in it and then add camphor tablets to that oil (ensure that the stove is off). Once the mixture cools down, massage it in your head. Repeat this process thrice a week.

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