Lord Shiva as a Fisherman Story

Lord Shiva starts explaining the Vedas to his wife Parvati, and that goes on for several years. But one day, Parvati loses her concentration. The annoyed Shiva curses her to go to the earth and take birth as a fisherwoman. Parvati takes birth as a baby girl and the chief of the fishermen community, Parvaras, takes her to his home. He names her Parvati and brings her up. Meanwhile, Shiva realizes his mistake and starts missing his wife. Seeing this, his disciple Nandi suggests Shiva call Parvati back. Shiva replies that he can’t do it because as per her birth, she is destined to marry an angler. Hearing this, Nandi comes up with a plan to reunite Shiva and Parvati. He takes the form of a big shark and goes into the sea where the fishermen go fishing. He starts troubling the fishermen. Knowing about it, Parvaras announces that whoever catches the whale would get to marry his daughter. The chief and his daughter Parvati pray to Lord Shiva to help them. Listening to Parvati’s prayers, Lord Shiva turns into a young fisherman and comes to the fishermen’s rescue. Nandi happily lets his master catch him. This way, Shiva married Parvati.