Chand Baori | Abhaneri Step Well Jaipur, India

India and its ancient architectural marvels have always been drawn in parallels and one of the most amazing and intriguing architectural marvels are the step wells of Northern India. In the Indian state of Rajasthan lies Chand Baori or Step wells of Abhaneri, as it is famously known, which is among the largest step wells in the world. The principal idea behind building step wells was to conserve rain water in the desert lands and additionally, they served as natural coolers during the summer months, which were unbearably hot. The thirteen storey step well boasts of its exquisite geometry and intricate architecture of the huge pavilion with windows, galleries and balconies. One look from top of the baori towards the bottom, the glistening green water stands out in contrast to the stone stairways making it a sight to behold. When the sun is high, the play of light and shadows due to the maze work of the steps gives a photographer some best angles and photo opportunities. Due to its amazing architecture and the geometric work of the entire structure, the Chand Baori is every photographer’s delight.