5 Reasons to Include Camphor-Based Products in Your Skincare Regiment

An unhealthy lifestyle, immense air pollution and work stress can break out pimples and acne and dull the radiance of your skin. Although many lotions and creams are available for skincare, camphor’s essential oils and soaps for skincare remain unparalleled. Camphor for skin is ideal as it is extracted from nature, unlike other creams and lotions that are processed using toxic chemicals. Camphor essential oils and soaps are soft and light to your sensitive skin, which prevents rashes and redness - quite the opposite of chemically-loaded lotions. Here is why you should include camphor-based products in your skincare regiment:

You have pimples

Pimples are the most common skincare issue that results from excess oil production on the face, inflammation, bacteria and other factors. Using camphor for skin heals your pimples by targeting the root cause of the issue. The antibacterial and inflammatory properties in camphor essential oils and soaps counteract with the skin’s bacteria and inflammation, alleviating the breakdown of pimples. Consistent use of camphor for skin can help you deal with pimples efficiently.

You have itchy skin 

If your skin is sensitive to dust particles, air pollution or even a cloth fabric, you will experience itchiness and redness on your skin. When you use camphor for skin, its essential oil penetrates your skin and stimulates nerve endings, further relieving your itchy skin. Other lotions and creams can increase your itchiness or redness if you are allergic to their ingredients. But, camphor essential oils and soaps will always be safe as it has natural properties.

You have sunburn

It is impossible to dodge the sun and prevent your skin from sunburn. But with camphor essential oils and soaps, you can heal those burns on your skin. When you use camphor for skin, its natural healing properties submerge into your skin and heal the impacted parts. The camphor essential oils enable deep healing, calms your nerves and gradually heals your burns. Camphor for skin is immensely therapeutic and retains your original glow.

You have cracked heels 

There are multiple reasons for cracked heels, like using harsh soaps, standing for longer periods, and taking hot showers. If cracked heels remain unhealed, you will face deadly infections. You can use camphor for skin by soaking the affected part in a solution of camphor essential oil and water. Camphor oil will moisturise your dry skin and remove dead skin cells, healing your cracked heels. You must do this regularly for a few days to see effective results.

You have oily skin 

The massive oil production on your skin can cause pimples and acne, but did you know it can be dealt with camphor oil? When you use camphor for skin, the antioxidants in its oil will prevent the excessive production of oil and impart a fresh glow to your skin. Even camphor soaps are excellent for oily skin. 

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