4 Camphor Recipes for Your Hair

Using camphor for hair will make every day a shiny, wavy and silky hair day. No longer will you have to spend money and time in a salon every week. Instead, mixing and fusing some home ingredients will give you the hair you desire. Using camphor for hair will cure all your hair-related issues, from dandruff and lice to rough hair and hair loss. Choosing camphor for hair means opting for a natural remedy and saving your hair from ingrained chemical medicines. Presenting some camphor recipes for your hair:  

For hair growth 

For voluminous hair, your hair roots require a supply of fresh oxygen, nutrients and blood flow. You can achieve this by using camphor for hair. You need to mix camphor oil with coconut, bhringraj and gooseberry oil. Heat these oils to mix them finely, and then apply the mixture to your scalp. Another option is to melt camphor balls in the oil and use it on your scalp after it cools down. Do note that if you directly put bhringraj and gooseberry in coconut, you will have to heat the mixture for a long time until the oils mix well.  

For hairfall

Hairfall is the most common problem among all ages. It can be caused by genetics, less supply of vitamins, or pollution. Using camphor for hair will significantly reduce your hairfall. Applying the mixture of camphor oil, rosary pea, Vata and coconut oil will strengthen the hair follicles and prevent hairfall. You need to heat the coconut oil, melt two camphor balls, and then mix rosary pea and Vata powder in the coconut oil. After some time, apply the paste to your scalp and hair, leave it for 30 minutes, and then wash it off. 

For dandruff

If you are done trying shampoos for dandruff, opt for camphor for hair to get effective results. You can mix camphor, gandhak and soapnuts as their antimicrobial and inflammatory properties will fight against dryness and dandruff. For this, you will have to soak the soapnuts overnight and mix camphor and gandhak powder. Once your homemade shampoo is ready, apply it to your hair and wash it off. Repeat this process regularly to remove dandruff permanently. 

For scalp acne

Scalp acne can damage your hair and lead to permanent hair loss. Fortunately, you can use camphor for hair and cure scalp acne. You will need camphor, cedar and myrobalan. Their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties will target your follicles and remove dirt and oil. You must melt camphor tablets in coconut oil and mix cedar and myrobalan powder. Apply that paste to the affected areas, keep it for half an hour, and then wash it off. 

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