3 Benefits of Camphor Oil

Do you ever wonder how our ancestors lived through their mental health issues and other chronic diseases? Well, they had several natural cures, one of them being kapoor, also known as camphor. Despite the limited technological advancements and lack of awareness of mental health issues, humankind had a solid cure for extreme diseases. What's surprising is that these medicinal hacks are prevalent even today. 

Camphor is loaded with medicinal properties and you would usually find them in balms, vapor rubs, and oils. Camphor oil is like nectar to the mind and body as it oozes out all your worries and pain in the blink of an eye. Read on to know more about the wonders of camphor oil.  

Gives relief to joint pain

Joint pain is not uncommon amongst elderly people. Today’s youth also faces joint pain due to lack of physical exercise and sitting in one place for prolonged hours. However, you can get some relief if you have camphor oil at home - a common ingredient in pain relief medicines. Camphor oil seeps into the skin, interacts with the receptors, numbs the cold nerve endings, warms painful areas, stimulates circulation, and imparts relief. All it takes is two drops of oil!   

Heals chronic diseases

Diseases like skin tumors and Alzheimer’s can be life-threatening. However, a 2018 study shows that camphor oil can significantly regress tumorsIn addition, a 2013 study focuses on how camphor has properties to help in the fight against cancer and extreme mental disorders. This reveals the potential of camphor and its significance in the medical industry.     

Note: The 2018 study was experimented on mice

Cures nervous disorders 

In extreme cases, you have to take medication for mental health issues and disorders. However, for milder symptoms, you can try camphor oil for it is natural, cheap and recommended by doctors. Camphor oil has anesthetic and analgesic properties. This means that if you apply this oil directly, it can result in numbness. It is effective for nervous disorders like anxiety, convulsions, nervousness and epileptic attacks.  

While we underestimate the power of age-old remedies, the above-mentioned benefits clarify that our roots are more robust than we know. So why not have this magical medicine on your shelves? Order your camphor oil from House of Mangalam - we provide unadulterated camphor products that cure your body issues and purify your houses.