Why the Sale of Camphor is Growing in Western Markets

The universal benefits of camphor have been in the light for many centuries, right from the golden age of Ayurveda. While its significance has only increased through time in the domestic and international market of the Asia-Pacific rim, even western countries have realised the multifaceted nature of camphor. The remarkable rise of camphor in the western market is something to be noted. Following a 5.5% CAGR (compound annual growth rate), the global camphor market is predicted to reach a new peak of $500 by 2025. Let’s dive deeper into the markets where camphor is causing a storm.


Owing to its sage properties such as antifungal, antitussive, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, camphor has seen a surge in the US cosmetics market and pharmaceutical industries. Camphor’s usage as a plasticizer is expected to increase up to 6% CAGR and can be owed to the surging camphor consumption in PVC processing and growing plasticizer utilisation in the cosmetics industry.


Researchers have known the applications of camphor in the medical sector for ages, but the growing realisation in the world has boosted the market growth of camphor in the pharmaceutical industry. The escalating concerns over skin, bones and hair as well as other body problems have set the alarm among the youth. Leveraging this, the pharmaceutical industry is utilising camphor and its healing properties in the manufacturing of ointments, creams and lotions to beautify one's appearance and cure certain skin and hair conditions.

Camphor oil

The rising demand for aromatherapy will notably be witnessed in the upcoming years of the camphor oil sector. Additionally, camphor oil has been noted for its therapeutic properties that relieve issues of hair, joints and bones, cough and congestion, and superficial burns and chronic diseases. The camphor market is accelerating at a steady pace in these sectors.

The camphor industry has taken a leap in the western markets with its remedial properties, agricultural repellents, solvents in chemicals and utilization in rubber. Additionally, camphor is also being used as an insecticide in food storage. Such applications have contributed to the growth of camphor in the agricultural sector and pharmaceutical sector, while its FDA-approved chemical status has also commanded its rise in the global market.

Blessed with numerous benefits, camphor has seen a steady growth of recognition in a wide range of demography and sectors and its demand is likely to rise. Growing concerns related to health have also acted as a driving force that is helping camphor thrive in the western markets. In this acquisition of a bulk of camphor, you shouldn’t fall short. Get the purest form of camphor from House of Mangalam. We serve the spheres of medical, cosmetics and aromatherapy, among others, with our wide collection, right from camphor tablets to air fresheners. Reach out to us for more and lead a healthy life!