Why Should We Use Bhimseni Camphor Over Regular Camphor for Puja

Camphor is among the widely known ayurvedic and therapeutic natural elements in the world now. Bhimseni is  natural camphor that has been used by numerous households in India and beyond. This camphor is naturally found in the stems of Dryobalanops plants and can be obtained from the tropical forests of Sumatra, Peninsula and Borneo. The many crucial qualities of this camphor create an edge over regular camphor, which is why Bhimseni is the camphor preferred by many people during pujas.

Difference between Bhimseni camphor and regular camphor

Bhimseni camphor has been around for generations, useful in ayurveda since ancient times. This camphor has been a prominent element during the pujas. Many households burn this camphor for the deities and to establish a positive mind and environment. Natural camphor is similar to Bhimseni camphor with one key difference; Bhimseni is more powerful than the other.

Benefits of using Bhimseni camphor during pujas

Puja is a sacred act and burning camphor until there’s no residue is a symbolic representation of being one with God. It is believed that the regular camphor is ‘tarak’ or ‘saviour,’ which invokes a Saviour Deity during worship. In contrast, Bhimseni camphor is ‘marak’ or ‘destroyer,’ which invokes the Destroyer Deity during worship. Hence, the ancient ayurvedic and religious texts recommend using Bhimseni camphor in diffusers to drive away negative energies and purify the air within your home.

Burning Bhimseni camphor in your home during puja has a lot of health-related benefits as well. Unlike adulterated camphor, Bhimseni camphor, when burnt, releases a scent that kills many harmful germs and microorganisms in the vicinity. Hence, one of the best benefits of Bhimseni camphor is that you can purify your home with it. For the same reason, you can even use Bhimseni camphor to repel insects in your home. The strong smell can be unbearable for insects like cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, etc., so burning even a small piece of camphor every night can help you get rid of various pests in your home and keep you free from the deadly diseases they bring.

Burning regular camphor in your home might not bode well with everyone. Regular camphor can cause various skin problems as the skin absorbs the toxic synthetic camphor. On the other hand, Bhimseni camphor is quite safe as it is organic. This is why our ancestors used Bhimseni camphor to cure skin problems and detoxify the skin.

With immense other spiritual and health benefits, Bhimseni camphor is a must in your household. House of Mangalam offers 100% organic Bhimseni camphor for your household. Our purest form of camphor will alleviate all the evil from your house and restore peace.