Where Can You Use the CamPure Cone

With a wide range of benefits, camphor brilliantly inculcates freshness in your home and other places. CamPure cones are a top-grade commodity every homeowner should have. The unique freshness and goodness of camphor mixed in an engulfing range of fragrances will rejuvenate your everyday life. That being said, there are numerous places where you can affix a CamPure cone. Some of these places include:


An air freshener with 100% organic fragrance, the CamPure cone takes care of your family’s health. Unlike the artificial ones that can have adverse effects on children and pregnant women, CamPure’s natural constituents do not compromise the health of your family, but rather promote a healthy and fresh environment. Not only that, but they can also get rid of mosquitos buzzing in your room or any germs prevailing in your air. You can use one cone for a tenure of 45 days and can choose from a variety of fragrances such as camphor, jasmine, rose, lavender, sandalwood, mogra and bhimseni.


Having to travel in a car with a bad smell isn’t something you would want to experience. Imagine being stuck in traffic on the top of a bad odour! Not a good combination at all. Hence, getting a CamPure cone for your car would serve well for not only the driver but also the passengers. A good smell can affect you mentally to bring you peace and will elevate your mood while travelling, giving you a pleasant trip.


Your bathroom typically is filled with plenty of moisture. This results in the growth of mould and mildew that will leave a pungent or musty smell in its wake. This onslaught of bad odour will be prevalent in your washroom and generate a bad impression for the guests visiting your house. This is where CamPure cones come into the picture. By hanging these cones in your bathroom, you will experience a refreshed space immediately as their fragrance spreads through your bathroom and wards off all the existing stale smells.


If your wardrobe is made of wood, it has a higher chance to sport mould. Closed spaces, especially a wardrobe, can generate bad odour due to moisture formation that can linger on your clothes too. Protect your clothes and linens from getting affected by the same by affixing a CamPure cone in the wardrobe to retain the freshness of your clothes and keep them in mint condition.

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