Valmiki | First Poet of Indian literature

The #ValmikiRamayan is the oldest version of the story, all others have been written thousands of years after that so please do not make the mistake of comparing them with the original epic!! Continuing from the last post let us know some more facts:
1. #LordRama was just a teenager when he goes to the forest with #Vishwamitra but gets the knowledge of DIVINE WEAPONS by pleasing #Vishwamitra with his bravery. 💁‍♂️
2. #Ahalya had NOT been cursed to turn into stone for cheating on her husband instead to become invisible to crush her pride in her beauty. 👫
3. There is NO mention of a #LakshmanRekha in the Valmiki ramayan! Sita says some very rude things to #Lakshman to force him to leave her alone. 🧏‍♀️
4. There is NO mention of #Shabari offering 'jhoothe ber' or of #VaishnoDevi in the #Ramayan these are later additions. 👵
5. #Sugreev described the geography of the ENTIRE WORLD when giving directions to the #Vanars for searching Sita ji. 🌎
6. The Vanars DID NOT use Gadas they fought with trees and stones and anything they could grab! 🙉
7. The #RaamSetu was NOT built by writing the name of the Lord on rocks but by Vanar engineer Nala, the son of #Vishwakarma. 🌁
8. Ravan was NOT invited as a priest anywhere, either at Grih-Pravesh of #Shiva or at #Rameshwaram. 🙏🏼
9. There is NO pot of #Amrit inside Ravans's navel that was revealed by #Vibhishan, instead Shri Raam shot him in the chest. 🏺
10. Shri Raam does NOT send Lakshman to get wisdom from Ravan in fact the demon dropped dead as soon as he was hit by the #Brahmastra! 🏹