The Astrological Significance Behind Burning Camphor and Cloves

It’s not uncommon knowledge that astrology has thrived in our world since the beginning of time. The pseudo-science of the interpretation of heavenly bodies over human existence introduced a wide spectrum of studies throughout time and astrology became part and parcel of life. While these studies continued, there were significant discoveries in this field and scholars began observing and interpreting things more. One such astrological aspect observed and noted is the significance behind burning cloves and camphor. Let’s explore them in detail.

Astrological significance behind burning cloves

Cloves are a sacred element in Hinduism. They are considered to be carriers of immense energy and known to resume your halted work unperturbed. Here’s why burning cloves is recommended: 

  • While they are popular ingredients in food items that contribute to taste and health, burning cloves in your house wards off any negative auras and fills the home with positive energy. Its flames establish prosperity and peace in the household.  
  • If the Rahu and Ketu are unbalanced in your horoscope, cloves are given out as a donation to swerve these conditions in your favour. If your personal problems involve money being stuck, burning cloves on Amavasya or Poornima can do the trick.   
  • If you have a rough time concentrating on your work, burning flower cloves and eating them once in two or three days can work favourably.

Astrological significance behind burning camphor

The significance of camphor in astrology is tremendous. Apart from its health benefits, camphor or kapur has spiritual and religious importance in rituals or pujas and this legacy has been carried out from one generation to another. Here’s why burning camphor is recommended:

  • Wrongly positioned stars or planets can affect your doshas, such as Pitra and Kalsarpa dosha. Therefore, camphor with ghee is burned to balance these doshas out.  
  • It is believed that burning camphor at sunset can bless your house with prosperity and bring peace to your family. 
  • Burning camphor can drive away any negative energy lurking in your house and fill it with a positive one. 
  • Burning camphor in a certain area of the house that does not align with the Vaastu can help reduce the doshas.

Astrological significance behind burning camphor with cloves 

While burning camphor and cloves separately might have their own set of benefits, burning them together can do wonders for you. Here are some of the recommended benefits:  

  • Burning camphor and cloves can reduce your stress and help you concentrate on your work better. 
  • They are known to bring wealth and prosperity to your house. 
  • They are known to purify evil intentions in the surroundings to the fullest extent through smoke and uplift the atmosphere.
  • Burning camphor and cloves at night can not only attract wealth and prosperity but also steers off any obstacles and makes your difficult work easy. 
  • Offering six pieces of camphor and 36 pieces of cloves can ward off any hurdles restraining you from married life. 

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