Temples of India | Akshardham Temple

A place of eternal holy communion, Akshardham is a temple complex located in the capital city of India, Delhi. The godly establishment is highly recognized for its mesmerizing architectural design, divine prayers and devotion and a locale where tourists from all around the county visit to participate in a number of festivities and events that transpire throughout the year.


The temple is dedicated to Bhagwan Swaminarayan and various embodiments of Hinduism who have a great impact on the Hindu religion. Built-in the year 2005, the Akshardham temple houses more than 200 idols of a number of gods and avatars.


Created completely in sandstone and marble, the entire construction of the temple took more than 8,000 workers and 300,000,000 hours.  A visit to the temple allows visitors to embark on a spiritually rich journey dictating ancient Hindu techniques of achieving eternal peace and serenity.