Tale of Goddess Sita

After Rama is crowned as king of Ayodhya, he receives secret reports that people in his kingdom perceive his wife Sita to have been unfaithful to Rama while she had been in captivity of the demon king Ravana. Rama, fearing ill repute, orders an unwilling Lakshmana to take the pregnant Sita into forest on the pretext of showing her the hermitage of the pious sage Valmiki and leave her there. Lakshmana takes an unsuspecting Sita, who is delighted by her outing into the dense forest amidst which the sage’s hermitage is located. There, with a heavy heart, Lakshmana informs Sita that Rama, although fully aware of the chastity of Sita is afraid of the calumny of the citizens of his kingdom who suspect Sita to have been unfaithful to Rama during her captivity at Lanka, has forsaken her and has ordered Lakshmana to leave her near the hermitage of the sage Valmiki.