Sweets and Savories

There is a strong relationship between good food and a happy mood, ever wondered why? Consumption of sweets and savories releases endorphins in our brain which play a key role to uplift our state of mind!       

Holi calls for a spread of some of the best and widest range of Sweets and Savories. Playing, gossiping, laughing while munching and drinking scrumptious food with friends and families is definitely one of the most awaited highlights of this wonderful festival!

The illustration above details out some of these mouth watering feasts! 

  1. Thandai – Thandai is a very popular drink made with almonds, saffron, milk, sugar and a variety of herbs. It is also possible to find a version made with bhaang for the extra effect. It is a specialty of Rajasthan and North India.
  2. Puran Poli - Originating in the south of India, Puran Poli is a sweet flat-bread. For centuries this has been a traditional food usually sweetened with jaggery or sugar. Puran poli may also contains cardamom and sometimes nutmeg too.
  3. Gujiya - these little dumplings look like mini Cornish pasties. However, they are sweet and made with Maida flour, which is stuffed with the sweet dairy products such as khoya, dried fruits or coconut.
  1. Dahi Vade - The vada in this snack is a flour ball that has been deep fried. This Holi food is served in a thick yogurt and topped with savory herbs and flavorings such as chili powder, black pepper or mint.
  2. Malpau - The malpua is similar to a pancake. Its batter includes crushed banana, coconut, flour and milk, while cardamom provides a little flavour. There are also varieties made with mango or pineapple. During Holi many people will serve them with a sugar syrup.
  3. Ras Malai – Holi food is incomplete without Ras Malai! Originating in West Bengal, these sweet dough balls stuffed with cream, saffron, pistachio nuts and served with a fresh cardamom cream have been enticing foodies worldwide.

This post is almost teasing you isn’t it! Which is your favorite Holi specialty?