Maa Durga Statue | Mauritius

One of the most sacred Mauritius attractions that will uplift the spirituality of all visitors is the Ganga Talao also known as the Grand Bassin Sacred Lake. Located in the south central region of the island west of the village of Bois Cheri, the Ganga Talao is situated at 550 metres above sea level and features a number of sacred Hindu Temples. Ganga Talao literally means ‘Lake of Ganga’ in English language.
But the most amazing scenery which will catch your attention as soon as you arrive at Grand Bassin now, are the two fascinating statues of the two deities: Lord Shiva and Durga Maa. The Mangal Mahadev is a 33 metre tall statue, a tribute to the Hindu god Lord Shiva, it is the third tallest statue of Shiva in the world. It is a faithful copy of the Shiva statue of Sursagar Lake in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. The Durga Maa statue which is also 33 metre high and is the largest statue of the Hindu Goddess Durga in the world. They have been designed by Indian sculptor Shri Matu Ram Verma, already famous for his giant statues. There are other smaller colourful shrines dedicated to other popular Hindu deities all around the sacred lake.