Krishna and the wasted food

It is said that one day all the Gopis had decided to cook a lavish feast for Krishna. They had fulfilled their household chores and then worked for hours at an end to make the perfect food for their beloved Krishna. After hours of effort, they had packed all the dishes in ornate vessels and walked to the house of Nandra (Lord Krishna's father).
When they entered the house, they saw that guests were sitting all around the table and, seated in the middle, was Krishna, who was getting his hands washed by mother Yashoda. When the guests saw the Gopis and the food they had brought, they immediately started feeling guilty, because they had just finished dinner. Everyone thought that the Gopis would be heartbroken at seeing all their efforts wasted.
But, the Gopis had eyes only for Lord Krishna and they kept looking at him. After a few seconds, they put down the vessels that they were holding and joyously, started dancing and wringing their hands. Nandrai, mother Yashoda, and the rest of the guests were astounded as to why they would be overjoyed after seeing their efforts getting wasted?
A guest took courage and asked the Gopis the reason for their joy.
The Gopis paused in their merriment and laughingly said that all the hours they spent making the extravagant meal, they kept imagining the look of content on Krishna's face when he would finish eating it. When we entered the house, our eyes immediately saw Krishna's face and found the same look of contentment. It didn't matter whose food he ate because all they lived for was that face of contentment and seeing it was the biggest joy of their life.
It is in stories like these that we realize that glorious is the lord who evokes such devotion in people, and glorious were the Gopis who were capable of such devotion towards their lord.