How Mangalam Camphor Became the Best Camphor Brand in India

Mangalam, a sterling camphor brand in India, has been around for decades now. With ingenious ideas and diverse products, the brand has taken root in all parts of the country. But find out what makes it one of the top camphor brands in India. 

How our products stand out 

Offers pure camphor

A crucial thing, which sets us apart from others, is the purity of our products. We provide camphor that is pure, unadulterated with the best camphor brand quality and well-founded manufacturing. A camphor’s purity is inspected by its ability to leave no residue behind and Mangalam believes in delivering such a product. 

Variety of products to offer 

It’s not common to find all kinds of camphor products at a single place. However, the same thing cannot be said about Mangalam. A wide variety of camphor products are always at your disposal. Mangalam supplies products for puja, aromatherapy, air freshening, for your personal care as well as mosquito repellents. You could even say that Mangalam is an all-in-one brand. Here, check out our shop at House of Mangalam.  

Benefits of camphor 

The beneficial elements of camphor aren't lost on many. Its versatile nature has been utilized throughout time. Right from the beginning of centuries, camphor was burned for the deities of Hinduism and now it has found its way in countless Indian households where puja without camphor is incomplete. Since the dawn of ayurveda till modern times, camphor has seen through numerous illnesses and effectively treated them. Whether it’s a common cold, body pain, skin, heart, arthritis, or even a flu and dengue, camphor’s healing properties work their way through it. Oh, you don’t have to go looking for it at any other place, it’s right here at House of Mangalam

Trust in the market 

Since the origin of Mangalam in 1981, we have been strict with the standard of our products which has enabled the customers from all over India to put their trust in us. With a reliable range of products and timely delivery, Mangalam has established itself as one of the top camphor brands in India, and rightfully so. 

What Mangalam wants to achieve

We have strived to be the best camphor brand and give the most to our valued customers who have put their trust in us. We deliver quality camphor across the country, which has made us a sustainable brand and one of the top camphor brands in India, not only because of the brand quality but also because of our virtue to provide the finest to the people and we would continue to do so.