Do you know why you perform pradakshina (go round and round) around sacred shrines, yagna and sites?

There is a story of Ganesh and Kartikeya wherein Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva wanted to check out who was better. Whichever one of you goes around the world and comes back first is the winner,” said Shiva to his sons. No sooner, Kartikeya mounted and flew on his peacock to circle the world. Ganesh had a small vehicle of a mouse. It was no way possible to circle and come back sooner than Kartikeya. So, he started circling his parents. Upon being asked what he is doing. Why are you circling us?” asked Shiva to Ganesha. ‘“You are my parents and you represent the whole world to me,” said Ganesha — and of course he won.


To this belief till date, devotees go round and round around temples as part of their prayers. While walking around in circles, the devotee chants which again brings the mind to a meditative stand.