Belur Channakeshava Vishnu Temple | Karnataka

The Belur Channakeshava Vishnu Temple-Belur Hassan Karnataka was at one point of time known as the Vijayanarayana temple. The temple lies on the banks of the River Yagachi at Belur. Belur city was at one time the capital of the Hoysala rulers. Belur is approximately 40 kilometers away from the city of Hassan. The name Chennakesava literally means handsome Kesava. In this temple Lord Vishnu is worshipped. This temple is now declared as a heritage site by UNESCO.
The Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana, commissioned this temple in 1117 CE. Studies have shown that the temple was built as a symbol of victory of King Vishnuvardhana. Vishnuvardhana emerged victorious against the Western Chalukya Empire. Another story is also there in connection with the Belur Channakeshava Vishnu Temple-Belur Hassan Karnataka which tells us that Vishnuvardhana was victorious against the Cholas in the Talakad battle. It was in this way that Gangavadi was conquered by the Hoysalas. When you visit this temple, you will come across 108 inscriptions in Kannada language in the complex of the temple. The temple consists of a big and open hall, clearly depicting the Hoysala architectural style and a huge platform.